Beef farming is a perspective direction of Milkiland Agro company’s activity. Our general goal is production of prime beef. Projects on rearing of beef breed of cattle are being carried out in Chernihiv and Sumy regions.


We use animals from our own households for fattening. The project is accompanied by professional specialists that passed the corresponding trainings and have a longstanding practical experience. Milkiland Agro company complies with high standards of livestock increase, without use of chemical stimulators of growth for animals. Our experience shows that the best results in a general scheme of production can be reached in a closed cycle of existence and reproduction of animals with own production of feed.

In spite of the fact that beef farming is not a priority for the company in comparison with other spheres of activity, with an increase of cattle livestock the scope of meat production increases. Animal households of Milkiland Agro have sold over 800 tons of meat in 2012.

Enterprises constantly do export of cattle. For additional information please call. +38 (067) 550-24-13


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